Manual Therapy for Injury

Injured or suffer Chronic Pain? Gayla is an experienced therapist and can work beyond the yoga room and into the massage room for rehab of injury and reduction in pain.  Schedule your appointment by calling:

702   683   1872 

Las Vegas Ashtanga Yoga Meetup


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Private Yoga Sessions

Need Personal attention? One on one sessions focus on your needs and goals.

www. KidsYoga.Vegas 

Stephany G. is the greatest kids teacher around!  Click her for more information.


Namaste Yoga Studio

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Lineage Training Establishes Continuity

​Gayla has studied with lineage teachers of Ashtanga yoga who studied with Sri K.P. Jois and Sharath for 20+years and presents LED classes in the same Traditional format ensuring the integrity of the practice.

9AM - 8PM Wed-Sun      +1.702.979.9050

Massage Appointments

Your first session is $59 /hour. Schedule your consultation today!

Mysore Sessions 3-Days a Week

Ashtanga Mysore style is about learning together. Gayla is an experienced manual therapist and Surgical Technologist working in the Surgical setting, ensuring your yoga practice in mysore will be safe, productive and targeting your goals for success.