Mysore and LED Classes

Mysore sessions are different from LED classes in that the teacher does not count out or guide the students through the poses.  Usually a two to four hour time period students arrive and any time and begin the series of which they are working with the teacher available for manual adjustments and assistance.  When you walk into the mysore room every student is at a different place in the series with each one doing "their own thing." 

It is helpful to attend LED Classes first in order to become familiar with and memorize the sequence (which new students will only do a portion of the whole sequence to begin) as best as possible, then go into mysore when the student is comfortable enough with their practice to no longer need a teacher to count it out for them. 

LED classes are different from what you may have seen in DVDs or a gym fitness class!  Ashtanga is counted for movement and breath (one breath, one movement) in Sanskrit with each pose called out in advance.  Confusing to a newcomer at first there is nothing to worry about....just follow along and after a time it will become familiar. 

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What Is Ashtanga Yoga? 

Ashtanga yoga is a method of practice arranged by its creator Sri K.Pattabhi Jois who is fondly recognized by his long time students as "Guruji" and has passed on in 2009.  When students first come into an Ashtanga class a common thought is "OMG this is so hard!" but let us reassure you.....anyone can practice Ashtanga!  The first thing to learn are the basic poses and how you will need to modify them to begin your practice.  When you come across a pose that seems intimidating....then just sit and watch!! You don't have to do every pose and in fact....the teacher will stop you if you try too many! 

The Ashtanga  approach to the study of yoga contains six (6) series of asana (postures) arranged as a set sequence beginning with the Primary Series known as Yoga Chikitsa (yoga therapy). 

The Primary series is practiced on average three (3) to five (5) years before moving into the back bending series known as Intermediate.  

The poses are sequenced in an order that remains constant with specific breathing (pranayama) and transitions between poses of an ever increasing difficulty.  Modifications are normal in the beginner student and it is traditionally up to the teacher to assign students further poses.  

The reason for such detailed guidance by the teacher is to first avoid injury both while practicing and in the development of good habits in practice to reduce potential harm to the body.  A lineage teacher has extensive training in the traditions of Ashtanga yoga and can safely guide students. 

The arrangement of the series is well thought out and planned so as to achieve permanent change within the body which can only happen through a consistent practice.  Ashtanga yoga is considered a dedicated practice being mostly self guided through what is known in as Mysore. 

Mysore and LED Schedule‚Äč


Our Teacher has finally finished Surgical Clinicals for her Degree and will be putting MYSORE back into your day!!

MYSORE Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Mornings

6:00AM until 9:30AM 

LED Schedule:

Monday and Friday at 7:30AM

Beginner Ashtanga

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 11:00AM

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9AM - 8PM Wed-Sun      +1.702.979.9050

What Does Lineage in Ashtanga Yoga Mean?

Lineage means the teacher you are studying with has studied under either Guruji himself or a student with whom Guruji has given permissions to teach. Sharath, Manju and Saraswati are currently deciding the course for Ashtanga on a global level. 

Having teachers that can trace their training back to the source ensures the continuity and integrity of the practice as  designed by Sri K.P. Jois.